The Office of the MTA Inspector General

The Inspector General's Office carries out its mission through the work of the Audit and Analysis Division and the Investigations Division, as well as the latter’s Intake and Intelligence Unit. These divisions receive technical and administrative support from the Systems and Administrative Services staff. OIG is staffed by investigators, attorneys, information technology specialists, performance auditors, and accountants.

OIG monitors the activities of the MTA in providing a safe, reliable, clean and affordable public transportation system in the New York City metropolitan area, and works to reduce fraud, abuse and waste throughout that system. Through its investigations, audits, and other studies, OIG works to help MTA improve its performance and to enhance the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and safety of its agencies' operations.

Investigative Division

With the goals of enhancing the efficiency and ensuring the integrity of the MTA’s operations, while promoting the public’s safety and protecting the public money, the Investigations Division of the OIG seeks to prevent, detect and combat waste, fraud, misconduct, and corruption on the part of employees and contractors working for the MTA and its constituent agencies.

Through investigations launched on the Inspector General’s own initiative, or in response to tips and complaints received by the OIG from any source, the attorneys and investigators assigned to the Division exercise the Inspector General’s powers to subpoena witnesses and examine them under oath, and to compel the production of relevant books and records. Evidence developed by the Division may result in recommendations to improve the way the MTA does business, or where appropriate, may be referred to a prosecutor’s office for criminal proceedings.

The Audit and Analysis Division

The Audit and Analysis Division of the OIG conducts in-depth audits and analysis of a wide variety of the business and service-related activities of the MTA and its constituent agencies, as well as contractors who service the MTA. The Audit and Analysis Division evaluates whether MTA operations are safe, timely and cost effective, and makes recommendations for improvement wherever possible. If evidence and analysis of fraud or criminality or other wrongdoing is found, the OIG Investigative Division is brought in to investigate.

Intake and Intelligence Unit

The Intake and Intelligence Unit of the Investigations Division handles the intake of complaints, conducts intelligence gathering, assists in the development of investigations, and contacts employees of the various constituent agencies as part of its outreach program. This Unit also resolves customer issues analyzes trends in the complaints that it receives, responds to law enforcement personnel seeking assistance, and supports the Investigations Division with intelligence research.

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