Accuracy of Reporting on Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation in MTA Contracts

MTA/OIG #2015-05

As required by New York State and federal law, Department of Diversity and Civil Rights (DDCR) sets overall percentage goals for the MTA for the participation of certified MWDBEs. The Department also sets goals on specific contracts, gathers and analyzes the relevant data, and makes periodic official reports on MTA's performance in this area. In this review, we focused on the accuracy and completeness of DDCR's final report to the MTA Board regarding payment information as to ongoing federally-funded contracts during fiscal year (FY) 2013. We also reviewed DDCR's reports to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) on payments for the MTA's federally-funded contracts that were completed in that period.

As discussed in the report, the Office of the MTA Inspector General found that our current review revealed a combination of design flaws, errors in data entry and analysis, and inadequate internal controls. DDCR needs to correct these errors, improve the systems and controls that allowed them to occur, and ensure that all future reports are accurate and complete.