Accuracy of Metro-North and Long Island Railroad's Laptop Inventory Records

MTA/OIG #2016-08

In 2015, the Office of the MTA Inspector General (OIG) investigated and sustained an allegation that a Metro-North Railroad (MNR) Information Technology (IT) employee had removed five MNR laptop computers from MTA property to his home without authorization. As a result, OIG conducted a more comprehensive review of laptop inventory controls at the railroads.

To match the laptops themselves with the corresponding LIRR and MNR inventory records, OIG visited employees' work locations or obtained photographic evidence of the equipment from the employees to confirm the equipment model, manufacturer's serial/service tag numbers, and/or the agency's asset tags. Auditors determined that MTA IT currently does not possess accurate inventory records for laptops as evidenced by our findings that (1) as to nearly 30% of the sample laptops, the inventory records were an unreliable source for locating them; and (2) 14 laptops possessed by MNR and/or LIRR employees did not appear at all in the inventory records. MTA IT management agreed with OIG assessment of the condition of the IT inventory records and the recommendations to ensure their future accuracy.