Car Service Convicted of Theft for Paratransit Scam

On January 10, 2011, Richmond Management Services, doing business as Wadsworth Car Service, pleaded guilty in Staten Island to Grand Larceny in the third degree, was sentenced to a Conditional Discharge, and will pay $200,000 in restitution and forfeiture for its submission of fraudulent bills to NYC Transit’s Paratransit Division. The guilty plea and recovery began with a report to the Office of the MTA Inspector General by alert Paratransit staffers, who spotted red flags in documents evidencing a pattern of suspicious activity. A combination of surveillance and analysis of records enabled investigators from the MTA Inspector General and the Richmond County District Attorney to prove that Wadsworth was submitting invoices for an inordinate number of daily trips, in some cases as many as ten a day, that were never taken by its customers. Indeed, some of these “customers” turned out to be the drivers themselves. The MTA Inspector General complimented NYC Transit for alerting his office, “another illustration, “ he said, “of the benefits of prompt notification by MTA agencies to our office, which lead to joint investigations with law enforcement and successful prosecutions.” He also pointed out why these prosecutions are important: “Riders may have to endure the costs necessary to fund the critically important Paratransit program, but we cannot allow them to be further taxed and burdened by crooked operator rip-offs.”


Richmond County District Attorney's Press Release

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