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Article 6 of the New York State Public Officers Law (the Freedom of Information Law, also called “FOIL”) provides a process for the public inspection and copying of agency records. Available records include the OIG’s public reports and other information that is not exempt from disclosure pursuant to the provisions of FOIL or other law.

Making a FOIL Request

A FOIL request for records of the OIG must be in writing, and may be delivered personally, or by regular mail, fax or email to

Records Access Officer
Office of the Inspector General - MTA
One Penn Plaza, 11th Floor, Suite 1110
New York, NY 10119
Phone: (212) 878-0000
Fax: (212) 878-0003

Your request must include your name, address and any other relevant additional contact information, and as specific a description of the records sought as possible. The request may specify whether you wish to inspect the records (see below) or have copies provided to you. In the absence of a stated preference, we will assume you wish to obtain copies of available records.

Please understand that we cannot determine whether the records you are seeking will be disclosed until we receive and review your written request. Some records may contain a combination of public information and restricted information. We will review each record requested and remove (or “redact”) the restricted information before it is sent to you.

Inspection of Records

You may inspect available records at the OIG, by appointment with the Records Access Officer, during regular business days and hours.

Statutory Copying Fees

Fees for copies of records may be charged as provided by FOIL (Public Officers Law Section 87[1][b][iii]). There is no charge for inspection of records.

Committee on Open Government

The Committee on Open Government, a unit of the New York State Department of State, is responsible for overseeing and advising with regard to FOIL, the Open Meetings Law and the Personal Privacy Protection Law. To access the Committee’s website, click here.

Right to Appeal

Certain records or portions thereof may be exempt from disclosure pursuant to FOIL (Public Officers Law Section 87[2][a-j]), or other law. If you have been denied access by the Records Access Officer, you will be notified by him or her in writing of the denial and the reason(s) therefor. You have a right to appeal the denial, but any appeal must be made within 30 days of the response from the Records Access Officer by contacting:

Records Access Appeals Officer
Office of the Inspector General - MTA
One Penn Plaza, 11th Floor, Suite 1110
New York, NY 10119
Fax: (212) 878-0003

The appeal must: (a) identify the records to which access was denied, (b) include your name and address, and (c) be filed no more than thirty (30) days after you receive notice from us of the denial of access.

The decision of the Records Access Appeal Officer constitutes the agency's final determination on the FOIL request.

Subject Matter List

Pursuant to section 87(3)(c) of the Public Officers Law, a subject matter list of records in the possession of the agency has been posted to this website.