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Message from the Inspector General, Carolyn Pokorny

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority—North America’s largest transportation network—is a vast, complex, and costly operation. MTA subways, buses, bridges, and railroads transport billions of riders annually over thousands of miles to countless locations along the way.

To make this system run, the MTA employs tens of thousands of individuals and budgets billions of dollars for operating expenses and projects in its Capital Program.

And to help make this costly and complex system run even better, our independent Office of the MTA Inspector General provides oversight in two very basic ways: First, we conduct audits to help make MTA systems and operations work at optimal effectiveness and efficiency. Second, we conduct investigations to root out fraud and other wrongdoing and abuse by those who work for or do business with the MTA

To be sure, we do not work alone. Over the years, we have forged effective partnerships with numerous investigative and prosecutorial agencies on the federal, state, and local level. We have also forged positive relationships with countless dedicated and conscientious managers and staff of the MTA— individuals who want the MTA and those who do business with it to operate on a level playing field, strive for excellence, and best serve the public. And of course we work with strap-hangers, commuters, and other members of the public whom this enormous system is designed to serve and who help us keep a watchful eye on it.

I encourage you to visit our Reading Room to see in detail the depth and scope of our work. Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of what you will learn about:

  • Safety
  • Construction fraud
  • Procurement fraud
  • Worker productivity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Nepotism and favoritism in hiring and promotion decisions
  • Emergency response and communication with customers
  • Service improvements for riders with disabilities

With your continued input, my staff and I look forward to doing even more to help the MTA and its customers in the years to come.

For additional information about the Office of the MTA Inspector General please go to The Office or refer to our FAQ's.